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December 31
Happy New Year! Several changes have been made to mark the turnover of the Standard season. A forum thread is forthcoming, but see the trivial announcements for details in the meantime.

January 03
January's Item-of-the-Month, the undrilled cosmic bowling ball, is now available in Mr. Store. The 2022 Item-of-the-Year, the mint condition magnifying glass, is also available! Get one or both before you strike out and I mix up more sports metaphors!

January 05
Jick is going to appear on the next episode of the Ascension Speed Show podcast. Details in this forum post.

January 07
Mischievous Yuletide spirits have informed us that Crimbo Town will fade back into the mists at rollover on Sunday night.

February 02
February's Item-of-the-Month, the combat lover's locket lockbox, is now available in Mr. Store. Look at those photographs!

February 17
In the spring challenge path, available now and for the past few days, you can become your true Grey You. Go forth and absorb monsters throughout the Kingdom.

February 25
The rewards of a handful of Grey You Challenge Path encounters have been altered: more +rollover adventure skills are now available, but instant turn yields are a bit lower on the high end.

February 28
We're still hashing out some fundamental conceptual flaws... I mean... minor last minute balance tweaks... with the Item-of-the-Month. It's gonna be a little late.

March 07
March's Item-of-the-Month, the grey gosling, is now available in Mr. Store. Sorry for the delay!

April 06
April's Item-of-the-Month, the undamaged Unbreakable Umbrella, is now available in Mr. Store. Keep yourself dry in those April Showers.

May 04
Mayday! Mayday! Avoid your own emergencies - get May's Item-of-the-Month today! The MayDay(tm) Contract will insure that you have the supplies needed to survive in any situation!

June 01
We're gonna need another couple of days to finish up June's Item-of-the-Month. Stay tuned to get juned.

June 06
June's Item-of-the-Month, the packaged June cleaver, is now available in Mr. Store. We're very sorry about the delay. Go have some strange blacker and whiter daydreams.

July 01
We're gonna need another couple of days to sweat the details of July's Item-of-the-Month.

July 05
July's Item-of-the-Month, a pair of high-end designer sweatpants, is now available in Mr. Store.

August 02
August's Item-of-the-Month is now available in Mr. Sweatshop. Pick one up and starting drinking that recycled familiar-sweat!

August 15
Ascend into the new path, Fall of the Dinosaurs, and have a dino-mite time! You can't tricera-top this path. PS. There are dinosaurs.

August 18
Did you know we sell merchandise? We had basically forgotten about it ourselves, but there's some stuff available over at Topatoco.

August 31
Welcome to the Jurassic Parka, which is September's Item-of-the-Month and now available in Mr. Store.

October 04
October's Item-of-the-Month, the boxed autumn-aton, is finally available in Mr. Store. Pick one up and have something else visit your least favorite zones!

October 11
To celebrate West of Loathing's approaching 1895th birthday,* we're reopening the Time-Twitching Tower for the whole week! Time to party like it's 1895! * (That's 1895 days since release -- wait, is that not what birthday means?)

November 02
Is it November already? Well then, head on over to Mr. Store and pick up a mummified entombed cookbookbat. He'll reveal ancient recipes, help you find more food, and teach you to cook more quickly!

November 11
Surprise, it's our next game! Shadows Over Loathing, available right now on Steam.

November 30
Good news, bad news. Bad first - December's Item-of-the-Month is going to be a few days late. CDMoyer may have started with the rum-spiked eggnog too early. Good news - advent will be starting on time, after rollover!

December 07
December's Item-of-the-Month, the packaged model train set, is belatedly available in Mr. Store. Set it up in your workshed, arrange your scale models, and have a blast.

December 14
Crimbo Town has once again emerged from the eldritch mists of the Big Mountains.

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