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December 31
January's Item-of-the-Month, the snow suit, is now available in Mr. Store, along with the two new yearly familiars.

The Angry Jung Man is our most ambitious content familiar yet, and the Unconscious Collective is nothing to snore at, either!

PvP Season 5 also starts tonight, in case your New Year's resolution is to clobber your fellow players.

Also, stat requirements on zones are now recommendations, rather than requirements. Zones want to be free!

Also (sheesh) Crimbo Town has faded back into the mists for another year. But its spirit is still inside you. Waiting. Uncle Crimboku has temporarily relocated his trailer to Market Square, in case you'd like him to make some toys out of your leftover plastic ingots and electrical thingamabobs.

January 14
Completing the Crackpot Mystic's jar of psychoses now unlocks some additional items for him to craft.

January 27
KoL's very own Jick is a guest on the second episode of Bonfireside Chat, a sweet podcast about Dark Souls.

January 31
February's Item-of-the-Month, the GameSomethingSomething Something, is now available in Mr. Store. Now you're playing with Power!

Also there are some sweet new items in the Dungeoneer's Association vending machine.

February 05
Skills or buffs that grant an effect now link to that effect's description in their description. Click and learn!

February 05
Resting at your campsite now removes Beaten Up.


February 14
The next Challenge Path, the Avatar of Jarlsberg, is here. It is time for us to become sweet wizards, one and all.

February 18
The level 10 quest has been fleshed out a bit. There are more giants and more giant stuff. Climb the beanstalk and see!

February 20
Jick was a guest on a recent episode of The Ludology Podcast. Check it out here if you want.

February 26
Fat loot tokens from the Dungeoneer's Association are no longer quest items. They still can't be pulled from Hagnk's, though.

This update brought you by the Council for the Advancement of Gelatinous Cubeling Concerns.

February 28
March's Item-of-the-Month, Jarlsberg's Pan, is now available in Mr. Store. Baby can you dig this pan? It's a righteous pan.

March 04
You'll now get some bonus Karma the first time you do any challenge path, even if it's no longer the current one.

March 07
The advanced filtering and sorting feature of inventory just got significantly more advanced. It is still precisely as sorting as it was before.

You can now filter items by name, making it much easier to find stuff, and you can set up custom inventory tabs to help you organize the, like, fifty billion things we keep giving you.

March 08
Our March-long effort to finally make some progress in The Sea has begun! Minor early tweaks abound.

See details in this forum post.

March 15
The Ides of March thrust us even further underwater.

Some vague details are available here in the forums.

March 30
We fell asleep for an entire week, but the next installment of Sea content is now available. There's a whole bunch of it!

Discuss it in the forums here!

March 31
April's Item-of-the-Month is now available in Mr. Store.

Also, we made some great connections at GDC this year and will have some exciting news to share over the next two weeks!

April 11
In celebration of the end of the sixth week of March, the last stage has been added to the Sea Monkee quest.

April 21
Mer-kin High Priests and Colosseum Champions are invited to the temple for the annual Fifty-Second of March Celebration.

April 24
The stars smile on us today, by which I mean star charts are now much friendlier to use.

April 26
Monster Manuel has learned some new tricks, amigo.

April 30
May's Item-of-the-Month, something about a Florist Friar, is now available in Mr. Store.

May 09
There might be some periods of downtime this morning -- we're going to the data center to randomly unplug things and plug them into other things.

May 14
Summer 2013's Challenge Path is a thing now. Big! You start out with high stats, but the monsters are tougher, too.

May 22
A change has been made to the way ranged weapon damage is calculated. See details in this forum thread.

Also, Moxious Maneuver is now no longer a thing. And after ten years, Jick breathed a sigh of relief.

May 31
June's Item-of-the-Month is now available in Mr. Store. It's a little miniature adventurer, because I heard you like adventuring!

June 06
Little Canadia has had a makeover. It has a spunky new hairdo and a sweet new quest.

June 30
July's Item of the Month will be at least a couple of days late. Sorry. There is no Internet where we are right now.

July 03
Hot dog! July's Item of the Month, the Clan hot dog stand, is now available, so very very late, in Mr. Store.

July 17

Effects from items and skills now get an arrow next to them that can be clicked to re-use the item or skill.

Also, if you have anti-anti-antidotes or soft green echo whatever drops in inventory, you can right click on any effect for the option to use the appropriate item to dispel it.

If you are a hating hater who hates everything, these features can be turned off in your Options menu.

July 27
Welcome to Dreadsylvania! Our newest clan dungeon is now available for the Adventuring pleasure of you and your close friends!

July 31
August's Item-of-the-Month is going to be a day late. We've been busy.

August 01
Mr. Store has the cool you need to rule the school. Pick up August's Item of the Month, the Folder Holder, and dazzle your classmates with your personalized style.

August 07
Tickets for KoL Con X are now available in the Store of Loathing.

Come join us! It'll be delightful, you'll see!

August 14
Fall 2013's Challenge Path is here. Now your dreams of showing up to high school in your underwear can become reality!

August 17
For the curious, I just posted a scan of my original Dreadsylvania design document over in the forums.

August 17
The Daily Dungeon done got revump.

August 24
A new Hidden City has been found beneath the ruins of the old Hidden City, which mysteriously burned to the ground.

August 27
The gnolls of Degrassi Knoll have renovated. In a perfect world, they would've novated correctly the first time, but hey.

August 30
Desert Beach has been given a new coat of paint, and The Shore has been given a new coat of basically everything.

August 31
Mr. Store has been revamped! It now has a September Item-of-the-Month in it. Rah rah rah!

September 13
The Mall store management interface has been redone, and you can now stock your store from Hagnk's.

You can also now purchase things in-run using meat from Hagnk's, which is also where those things will go after they're purchased.

September 24
A stinking portal from the Infernal Abyss has opened in the Distant Woods. What ominousness does this ominously forebode?

September 25
The incursion from the Infernal Abyss continues. Why did it have to be seals?

September 26
As the Infernal Incursion reaches a fever pitch, the Seal Clubbers of Loathing step up their game!

See your friendly neighborhood Seal Clubber trainer for a whole passel of new skills! Also note that a bunch of old Seal Clubber skills have undergone some changes.

September 30
October's Item-of-the-Month, the Reanimated Reanimator, is now available in Mr. Store.

October 08
A new quest, a new way to get to the Mysterious Island, a new hippy. Available now at your nearest Distant Woods!

October 19
It is Saturday Night, and there is a fever! A new discotheque has unexpectedly opened on the Right Side of the Tracks!

October 21
The Kingdom's Disco Bandits got a little more Disco tonight. Must be something in the water.

October 24
The Space Odyssey Discotheque has been shut down, just in time for a whole new kind of Trick-or-Treating to start!

October 29
The Desert/Oasis part of the level 11 quest is now differenter than it used to be. If you were partway through it, sorry, baby, but we had to crash that Honda.

October 30
A strange awakening of amazing new powers has occurred among the Accordion Thieves of Loathing.

October 31
KoL's own Jick was a guest on the most recent episode of Idle Thumbs.

October 31
November's Item-of-the-Month, Pantsgiving, is now available in Mr. Store. We hope you are as thankful for them as we are.

Also, it's a brand new PvP season!

November 06
The sleepers of Loathing have some strange new bedfellows.

November 07
The Great Turtle Spirits, awoken by various annoying things in the Spirit World, have seen fit to grant their aid and succor to the Turtle Tamers of Loathing.

November 12
Strange things are afoot. Strange, artificial, heavily processed things.

November 14
It is the day when everything happens all at once!

The invasion of the terrible pasta and sauce creations has hit its apex, leading to a dramatic shift in both the politics and the magical ministrations of the Pastamancers and Saucerors of this great Kingdom.

This year's winter Challenge Path is also a thing, specifically a thing called Class Act 2. Check out this forum thread for details.

Also the Seal Clubber skill Eye of the Stoat has been replaced with a new, more interesting skill. All of the passive benefits of Eye of the Stoat have just been cooked into the skills it modified, so nothing has been lost.

November 19
Crass commercialism ahoy: 2014 KoL Calendar, KoL Comic issue #4, and festive greeting cards are now available. Ye olde Holiday shipping deadline approacheth soon!

November 30
Merry December! The new Item-of-the-Month is now available in Mr. Store, and a brand new Advent Calendar has been hung in your campsite with care.

December 14
Happy Crimbo, everyone! Crimbo Town has once again emerged from the misty mists of the Big Mountains.

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