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Old Announcements for 2018
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January 01
2018's Familiar-of-the-Year is now available in Mr. Store. January's Item-of-the-Month will be coming along any day now. Tomorrow, let's say.

January 01
Let's say Today is Tomorrow and January's Item-of-the-Month, January's Garbage Tote, is now in Mr. Store.

February 01
February's Item-of-the-Month isn't quite ready yet, so it's going to be a bit late. Sorry!

February 07
February's Latest-Ever-Item-of-the-Month is finally available! Hotstuff is very sorry about the delay.

February 14
It's a new challenge path -- Pocket Familiars. You already caught 'em all, now go force them to fight for you!

March 02
March's Item-of-the-Month is going to be released on Monday, because Jick didn't want to draw all of the stuff Riff made him draw for it. Jick is sorry.

March 06
March's Item-of-the-Month is now in Mr. Store. Grab a Pokéfam Guide to Capturing All of Them and capture all of them!

March 28
The scope of April's Item-of-the-Month is spiraling out of control at nearly the same rate as the viral load in Jick's ruined, post-GDC blood. Delays are likely.

April 03
Jick's sinuses and lungs are on the mend and work on the IotM is proceeding apace. We expect to be able to release it by the end of the week.

April 06
April's Item-of-the-Month is basically finished, but so much stuff went in at the last minute that I'll feel a lot better if we can get another weekend's worth of testing in before release. Look forward to this behemoth on Monday. -Jick

April 09
April's Item-of-the-Month is now available in Mr. Store. It unlocks FantasyRealm, a realm of fantasy available via the newly-opened LyleCo Monorail.

May 01
May's Item-of-the-Month, the God Lobster Egg, is now in Mr. Store. All Hail our new Crustaceous Overlord!

May 15
Guess what happened last night? The new seasonal challenge path, G-Lover, was released! Get going! Grab a Garland of Greatness!

June 05
West of Loathing is out now on the Nintendo Switch eShop! (It's also on Steam or GOG if you prefer.)

July 03
July's Item-of-the-Month needs more explosive force, so we're waiting until all the fireworks are marked down after the 4th. Look for it at the end of this week!

July 08
Hotstuff apparently doesn't know when weeks end, and is very sorry about the continued delay of the IotM. It'll be another couple days. Thanks for your patience!

July 11
July’s Item of the Month, the kitten burglar, is now in Mr. Store. We’re sorry it’s late! The still unfinished item we had been working on will now be next month’s item, with extra polish!

August 01
August's (July's) Item-of-the-Month will be released tomorrow. Jick is very sorry about the single day (several weeks) of delay.

August 01
Oh also. When the 1-year anniversary of the release of West of Loathing happens on August 10, we'll be removing the Horsery from Mr. Store. If you want a Horsery, don't hold your horses -- get it now!

August 02
August's Item-of-the-Month, the Bastille Battalion control rig, is now available in Mr. Store. Just in time for Bastille Day!

August 10
West of Loathing is a year old today! In celebration it's 33% off on Steam and GOG for today only! Also, last chance to horse -- the Horsery leaves Mr. Store at rollover tonight (Friday).

August 15
The Fall Challenge Path, Disguises Delimit, is now live. Get your mask on.

September 04
September's Item-of-the-Month, the Neverending Party invitation envelope, is now in Mr. Store. Party on!

October 01
October's Item-of-the-Month, the Latte Lovers Club Card is now in Mr. Store. You're going to like it a latte. I'm sorry. (A little sorry, not a latte.)

November 01
We took a vote and decided that November's Item-of-the-Month needs a little more lovin', so we're gonna put it off until tomorrow. Sorry for the delay.

November 02
November’s Item-of-the-Month is here! It’s a Voter Registration Form, but it only registers you to vote for Kingdom politics, not real ones, so you have to go out and do that separately.

December 03
The spirit of Crimbo is in the air, and an Advent Calendar has materialized out of that air and into your campsite! (It's actually been there for days - we just forgot to mention it. Doh!)

December 03
December's Item of the Month is requiring a bit more care before it's ready. Hoping to have it out tomorrow!

December 05
What even is Boxing Day? We speculate on this mysterious holiday with December’s Item-of-the-Month, available now in Mr. Store.

December 14
Once again, Crimbo Town has emerged from the eldritch mists in the Big Mountains.

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