Factory Complexities
Crimbo #12 opened with the discovery of a highly-festive -- and by 'festive' I mean 'radioactive' -- Crimbonium mine and adjoining mining camp on Desert Beach. The half-elf half-machine monstrosities that were being forced to labor in the mine turns out, oddly enough, NOT to be related to the Crimborg, or to the half-machine-half-bear Warbears. I guess we just really like cyborgs in our festive Crimbo stories for some reason?

Anyway it turned out that the robots that Uncle Crimbo had built to run the factory the previous year had gone haywire and taken over. Also, they had filled the factory with deadly poison gas. Just to be spiteful, I suppose.

By building their own robots and fueling with Crimbonium from the mine, our intrepid adventurers assaulted the factory complex via remote control, while the half-machine elves worked on a political solution to the problem. This turned out to be blowing up the factory, I guess? And releasing a giant robot called Crimbomega, which had Uncle Crimbo imprisoned in its torso. Fortunately, the adventurers were able to destroy the robot, rescue U.C., and save the day! Except for that whole part where the destruction of the factory released tons of poisonous gas into the air, but that's probably fine.

Uncle Crimbo, for his part, decided he was totally fed up with technology, and stomped off into the woods to live free (and naked) like the animals.

Part I : The Story Thus Far
Part II : The Elfretariat
Part III : The Halloween Incident
Part IV : Crimboween
Part V : Where in Time is Uncle Crimbo?
Part VI : Once You Go Blackstory, You Never Go Backstory
Part VII : A Polyhedral Harbinger
Part VIII : Rise of the Crimborg
Part VIIII : A Black and White Crimbo
Part X : One More Indecent Accident
Part XI : Of CRIMBCO and Hobos
Part XII : I Want Candy
Part XIII : Dreaming of a KAWAIIII Crimbo
Part XIV : Cyborg Bears? Sure Why Not
Part XV : Factory Complexities
Part XVI : A Tale of Two Things That Happened

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