I Want Candy
The 9th Crimbo began with an advent calendar, much like in previous years, but this calendar was more than just a repository for treats and the occasional rusty nail: it was a portal to another realm, a land made entirely of candy. This land of candy was called, appropriately enough, Sugarville. Adventurers found each day's advent surprise unlocked more of the realm to explore.

When Crimbo Town opened, Uncle Crimbo once more asked for adventurers' help in solving a management problem he undoubtedly caused himself. It seems that Big Candy, the monarch of Sugarville, had cut off Uncle Crimbo's candy supply. Without candy, the elves wouldn't work, the stockings would remain unstuffed, and the Citizens of Loathing would be without a sugar buzz on Crimbo morning.

At Uncle Crimbo's behest, adventurers fought their way through Fudge Wizards and lolruses to Big Candy, an obese monstrosity with a truly disturbing animated tongue. Uncle Crimbo had intended for the adventurers to negotiate a new trade agreement with Big Candy, perhaps involving lower tariffs and a series of thrilling negotiations, but adventurers merely kicked the crap out of the big slug and sent him packing.

The candy flow was restored to Crimbo Town in time for the elves to wrap up the season, and adventurers received a sweet, wearable surprise from Uncle Crimbo on Crimbo morning.

With Uncle Crimbo restored, Big Candy defeated, and the elves back in charge, adventurers once again anticipated an incident-free holiday. But they underestimated the lengths Uncle Crimbo would go in his quest for cheap labor...

Part I : The Story Thus Far
Part II : The Elfretariat
Part III : The Halloween Incident
Part IV : Crimboween
Part V : Where in Time is Uncle Crimbo?
Part VI : Once You Go Blackstory, You Never Go Backstory
Part VII : A Polyhedral Harbinger
Part VIII : Rise of the Crimborg
Part VIIII : A Black and White Crimbo
Part X : One More Indecent Accident
Part XI : Of CRIMBCO and Hobos
Part XII : I Want Candy
Part XIII : Dreaming of a KAWAIIII Crimbo
Part XIV : Cyborg Bears? Sure Why Not
Part XV : Factory Complexities
Part XVI : A Tale of Two Things That Happened

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