Dreaming of a KAWAIIII Crimbo
The advent calendar for the tenth Crimbo set an ominous tone for the season. Instead of chocolates and cookies, it contained strange sushi-themed candy sets and weird-flavored chocolate bars like those found in Distant Lands. Adventurers suspected that Uncle Crimbo had gone off the rails again, and those suspicions were aggravated when taco-slinging elves appeared all over the Kingdom. They said Uncle Crimbo had hired a group of elves known as "Animelfs" and laid off the entire elven work force. All the elves had taken jobs working for a chain Delici-Mex restaurant called Taco Dan's Taco Stand.

When Crimbo Town opened, Adventurers saw that Uncle Crimbo's dilapidated trailer had been replaced by a sleek futuristic metal one and that there was a huge garage on the east side of town. But the biggest change was in Uncle Crimbo himself: he was calling himself Uncle Crimboku, had gigantic eyes, crazy spiky hair, and talked in a breathless, unpunctuated rush.

However, some things never change, and Uncle Crimboku was having trouble with his new animelf workforce. They were only turning out raw materials for toys, not actual toys, and were being secretive and mysterious.

Adventurers discovered that the animelfs were secretly using Uncle Crimbo's facilities to build a gigantic robot, the MechaElf, to take over Crimbo Town and, eventually, all of Loathing.

Not to be outmatched, adventurers stole the plans for the mini-robots that make up MechaElf and built their own Mech, Super Crimboman Crimbo Type. On Crimbo Morning, there was a thrilling aerial battle in which Super Crimboman defeated MechaElf, piercing MechaElf's armor with the most crunchtabulous substance known to man: the shell of a Taco Dan's Taco Stand taco.

Adventurers spent the days after Crimbo playing with some neat new toys, munching on stacks of leftover Taco Dan's Taco Stand tacos, and assuming that Uncle Crimbo re-hired the Crimbo Elves and all was well in Crimbo Town.

Honestly, they probably should have known better by this point.

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Part II : The Elfretariat
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Part VII : A Polyhedral Harbinger
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Part VIIII : A Black and White Crimbo
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Part XII : I Want Candy
Part XIII : Dreaming of a KAWAIIII Crimbo
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Part XV : Factory Complexities
Part XVI : A Tale of Two Things That Happened

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