Cyborg Bears? Sure Why Not
Crimbo number 11 featured Uncle Crimbo trying to save himself some effort -- again -- by using leftover Animelf technology to automate the gift manufacturing process. Unfortunately, Animelf technology has a powerful and unique energy signature (it sounds like "nyaaaa~"), which attracted the attention of a race of spacefaring cybernetically enhanced polar bears. Because sure, why not?

The warbears attacked in their crazy giant flying metal fortress, and whose job was it to defeat them and save Crimbo and the Kingdom? Well, it wasn't Uncle Crimbo's, because he was the first to call "not it". Fortunately, after surviving supercold temperatures and all kinds of other nonsense, the local adventurers managed to defeat the Warbear Warlord Björn Björnsonsvensentagdotterström, who presumably acquired his rank based on the length of his name, and Uncle Crimbo built a Greenhouse Gas Generator to warm up the planet a bit, making it inhospitable for the warbears without any possible future repercussions. And this Crimbo was once again saved!

Part I : The Story Thus Far
Part II : The Elfretariat
Part III : The Halloween Incident
Part IV : Crimboween
Part V : Where in Time is Uncle Crimbo?
Part VI : Once You Go Blackstory, You Never Go Backstory
Part VII : A Polyhedral Harbinger
Part VIII : Rise of the Crimborg
Part VIIII : A Black and White Crimbo
Part X : One More Indecent Accident
Part XI : Of CRIMBCO and Hobos
Part XII : I Want Candy
Part XIII : Dreaming of a KAWAIIII Crimbo
Part XIV : Cyborg Bears? Sure Why Not
Part XV : Factory Complexities
Part XVI : A Tale of Two Things That Happened

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