Part III: The Halloween Incident
One of the conditions for the elves' return to work was that they be allowed to take a year off from making toys and "try something different." In retrospect, they should have probably been more specific. Instead of a restful year spent, say, learning Transcendental Meditation, or knitting, or whittling guns out of soap, Uncle Crimbo used the "something different" clause to press the elves into a hostile takeover of Halloween.

Halloween morning dawned to find that Uncle Crimbo had somehow muscled out Linnea, the Scream Queen and rightful monarch of Halloween, in order to take over the holiday for himself. No one's sure exactly what happened to Linnea for the day -- the reindeer gestapo would only say that she was "taking a little vacation."

The upshot was that instead of sitting in a factory making toys, the elves were forced to be on their feet all night handing out candy to costumed adventurers. This did little for elf-management relations, and many of the elves were heard whispering about how nice it would be if someone sent Uncle Crimbo on a little vacation of his own. Little did they know how soon their wish would be granted.

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Part III : The Halloween Incident
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