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As the number of KoL players increases, so does the cost of hosting. I very much want to keep the game free, so please consider supporting the development and maintenance of the Kingdom by donating.

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November 22
Come celebrate El Dia de los Muertos Borrachos y Agradecido! Eat, drink, eat, drink!

November 01
November's Item-of-the-Month, the Pantogram, is now in Mr. Store. Go summon yourself some pants.

October 02
October's Item-of-the-Month, the xo-skeleton-in-a-box, is now in Mr. Store. -XOXO, The Asymmetric Team

August 10
Our new game, West of Loathing, is out now on Steam! Check it out!

Also, there's a promotional item available in Mr. Store that unlocks cool horses in KoL and cool horse armor in WoL. Check IT out too!

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