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September 03
September's Item-of-the-Month, the packaged industrial fire extinguisher, is now available in Mr. Store. Fire Marshall Hagnk approved!

August 14
The Fall Challenge Path, Wildfire, is now available to newly-ascended souls.

August 02
August's Item-of-the-Month, the Our Daily Candles candle delivery service, is now available in Mr. Store. Nobody can hold a candle to their quality and service.

April 06
The Raffle House has (perfectly legimately) acquired a large number of valuable items, and will be giving them away over the next several hundred days.

March 09
Check out Kingdom of Rogueing, a game made for the 2020 7-Day Roguelike Challenge. It's built in the West of Loathing engine and set in the KoL universe. Download it on

February 08
We've released Reckonin' at Gun Manor, a new adventure for West of Loathing! Check it out here on Steam!

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