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January 07
Mischievous Yuletide spirits have informed us that Crimbo Town will fade back into the mists at rollover on Sunday night.

January 05
Jick is going to appear on the next episode of the Ascension Speed Show podcast. Details in this forum post.

January 03
January's Item-of-the-Month, the undrilled cosmic bowling ball, is now available in Mr. Store. The 2022 Item-of-the-Year, the mint condition magnifying glass, is also available! Get one or both before you strike out and I mix up more sports metaphors!

December 31
Happy New Year! Several changes have been made to mark the turnover of the Standard season. A forum thread is forthcoming, but see the trivial announcements for details in the meantime.

March 09
Check out Kingdom of Rogueing, a game made for the 2020 7-Day Roguelike Challenge. It's built in the West of Loathing engine and set in the KoL universe. Download it on

February 08
We've released Reckonin' at Gun Manor, a new adventure for West of Loathing! Check it out here on Steam!

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