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April 21
Tuesday is here! Doc Galaktik's got a brand new bag, and in that bag is a quest that unlocks another new low-level zone.

April 14
Happy Tuesday! Dinseylandfill's Cryo-Stasis facility is now available for you to... go into it and fight a boss and get cool items.

April 12
The forums are back up, in the cloud and faster than ever.

Thanks for your patience with and/or ignorance the downtime.

April 07
It's Tuesday! You can now choose any food/booze you've consumed to show up as your favorite when others look at you.

If it is the food/booze you've consumed the most of, the quantity will be displayed as a mark of your commitment to whatever weird thing you wanted as your favorite food or booze.

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carrot claret consumption
Player    Drunk
DownUp    147
George P Burdell    69
Feloni    52
penguiknight    50
Tantio    45
Zors    42
Mistress of the Obvious    39
Lukifer    38
CarrotCake15    34
Scharlacher Mond    34

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