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Old Announcements for 2016
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December 31
January's Item-of-the-Month, the X-32-F Combat Snowman Crate, is now available in Mr. Store.

December 31
The Crimbo event will continue until rollover on the night of January 3rd. Keep on proselytizin'!

January 01
The 2016 Items-of-the-Year will be... two weeks late. Let's say. Two weeks. That seems like a good long time.

January 14
I'm gonna need another week to finish 2016's Items-of-the-Year. They're just that good!

January 21
Due to losing an entire day of work to server issues today, I think we're gonna have to push the Items-of-the-Year back to Monday. Sorry. :( -Jick

January 25
2016's Items-of-the-Year are finally here! A cool robin and a cheap, single-use Batman... I mean Batfellow... minigame.

February 01
You guys, I know this is gonna come as a complete surprise, but I need an extra day for the Item-of-the-Month. -XOXO, Jick

February 02
February's Item-of-the-Month is now available in Mr. Store. Get some Wild West quests from the LT&T Telegraph Office!

February 14
The Spring 2016 Challenge Path is here! Play KoL as the classes from the upcoming new game West of Loathing! Yee-haw!

February 22
The raffle house has some new high-tech prizes. Ticket prices have been increased to reflect the high-techness.

February 29
We're hard at work on March's Item-of-the-Month, but it's going to be a day or two late. Current puzzle count: 42.

March 03
March's Item-of-the-Month, the Witchess Set, is now in Mr. Store. Go forth, fight and puzzle.

March 15
Witchess Set owners may now challenge friends, enemies, or the WORLD to games of Witchess! (Also, current puzzle count: 167)

March 18
The Armorer and Leggerer now sells last year's Standard gear rewards. They can be bought with smashed wicker and bakelite.

April 01
April's Item-of-the-Month, The Clan Floundry, is now available in Mr. Store.

April 11
We're going to be making some changes to KoL's server infrastructure this week, so there might be occasional turbulence.

April 12
KoL will be down for a few hours today, starting at about 10am Pacific time.

April 12
KoL is back up, and better than ever! We hope. Let us know if it's the same as or worse than ever.

April 13
It's Tuesday somewhere! The Elemental Airport now has a Duty Free shop for people who don't believe in paying their taxes.

April 26
Passive skills are now shown (by default, in non-dropdown mode) on the Skills Page. PvP HC Fame (And Fame taken) are now on your profile.

May 02
The local drunks have started celebrating Cinco de Mayo a little early...

May 07
Oh, so May's Item-of-the-Month, the Intergnat, came out a few days ago and we forgot to announce it.

May 13
West of Loathing is a finalist in the Seattle Indie Game Competition! Come see it!

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