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Old Announcements for 2015
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January 02
Congratulations to Ezandora for finishing the first run of the new ascension season. 2 days, 547 turns. Fast!

January 05
Tonight's rollover will be slightly longer than usual -- we're gonna try to do some stuff to fix the stupid lag.

January 14
The 2015 Familiars of the Year are now available in Mr. Store.

January 30
February's Item-of-the-Month will debut at some point during the day on Monday, February 2.

February 02
February's Item-of-the-Month is now available in Mr. Store. Make lovebugs love you!

February 07
All NPC stores have now been migrated over to the new shop interface. Please let us know if anything drops while you shop.

February 08
Spleen items are now A Thing internally. As such, their descriptions will now be more descriptive.

February 12
So that we can get back on schedule, we're making the Twitch Tower available for a day starting tonight at rollover. Tell your friends.

February 14
Happy Valen -- I mean New Avatar Path Day. Have you always wanted to be Ed the Undying? Well rejoice, 'cause now you can be!

February 27
For the 38th consecutive year, Jick has forgotten how few days are in February. March's Item-of-the-Month will come out on the 2nd.

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