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May 29
Amazon, in its infinite wisdom, has discontinued the payment service we used to use and we have replaced it with their new one, which is similar but slightly less convenient for us and for donators. Enjoy that, I guess!

P. S. Subscriptions were already using the new system, and are thus unaffected.

May 26
Another Tuesday, another 11 possible monster modifiers for One Crazy Random Summer.

May 19
Tuesday has come. Did you bring your 69 additional top menu icons? No? That's okay, we've got you covered.

May 14
The Summer 2015 Challenge Path has arrived -- your chance to be John Cusack in "One Crazy Random Summer!"

May 13
Did you know that yesterday was Two-Tuesday Tuesday? For today, this week's second Tuesday, combat items now have blue text explaining what they do!

Please let us know via bug report if I missed anything.

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