The Player Protection Guide
While we would like to believe that every person playing Kingdom of Loathing is as cool, groovy, and nice as we are (if not moreso), sadly, this isn't the case. There are unscrupulous types out there who will try and rip you off in various exciting ways. This document is a list of some ways people have ripped off other players in the past.

If you are a victim of any of these scams, after reading this guide, please do the following: 1) Smack yourself on the forehead, hard, for not paying attention. 2) Send an account of the scam, including the player ID of the scammer, to #6, the Multi Czar. He will not help you recover your items (due to people trying to rip him off)), but he will lay the smack down on the scammer. Please note that rentals, raffles, gift trades, price switching, and clan looting are not actually scams.

Various known scams
Password Guessing
Price switching
Clan looting
Mystery auctions

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