A right-clicker is you!
In your Account Menu, you can enable a custom right-click menu for chat. When enabled, you will be able to right click on someone's name in chat and pop up a small box with a multitude of helpful links, such as a link to the player's Mall store, or a link to send that player a message, or a link to add that player to your contact list. You can use the account menu to decide which of these items you want to see in your menu.

Note: If you are using a Mac, and have a mouse which lacks a right mouse button, you may also enjoy the use of the custom right click menu by holding the CTRL button down when you click.

This menu requires advanced features from your browser. As such, this feature may not work for everyone. As of this writing, the right click script has been confirmed to work on:
* Internet Explorer 6.0 for Windows
* Firefox 1.0.x and 1.5
* Mozilla 6+
* Netscape 7.2+
* Safari 2.0.x
* Camino 2.0+

The right click script will NOT work on the following browsers:
* Opera
* Internet Explorer 5.x for Mac OS

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