Nightly Maintenance
It's tough work being the computers that run the Kingdom of Loathing. Even computers deserve a break once in a while, so every night, at about (your time), we have what we like to call nightly maintenance, or as the community calls it, "rollover."

During this time, the servers do important things like clean up around the Kingdom, give you more adventures, empty your stomachs and sober you up, and other important tasks that prepare the Kingdom for another day of adventuring. In order to make sure these tasks go as quickly and as smoothly as possible, the game kicks everyone off and doesn't allow anyone to log on. This sucks, we know, but it's for the good of the game. Think of it as a good time to take a break.

How long does rollover take? Unfortunately, due to the chaotic nature of reality, the phase of the moon, and other uncontrollable factors, we can't really say for sure. We aim for about 10 minutes of downtime a day, but occasionally things will go longer (or shorter!) than that. We'll try to notify everyone if we know that one nightly maintenance session will be longer than normal.

But, wait; there's more! On Saturday night (at least, on Saturday night here in sunny Arizona), we have an extended rollover. This long rollover can take up to 40 minutes in some situations. Having a long rollover once a week helps reduce the time rollover takes on the other days of the week, which is a good thing.

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