The Kingdom of Loathing
An Adventurer is You!
Twitch Livestream World Event.
Because we had so much fun doing the last live development event, we're gonna do another one! Tune into at the appointed time to watch us develop, in real time, a cool world event. And log in over here so you can play it as we make it!

This time around, the world event content will be available starting at the beginning of the stream, but stick around until the following rollover so more people will get a chance to play with it.

Here's what we had to say about the last one:

Because Kingdom of Loathing's content is... shall we say... low-fi, developing new stuff for people to play with is actually pretty quick. But when we add content that's going to stick around forever, we have to be careful to balance it against everything else in the game -- all eleven years' worth of it. KoL has a lot of moving parts, and haphazardly jamming stuff in between them, while entertaining in the short term, is apt to cause us some headaches down the line. And we also don't want to accidentally make the same joke twice, or add a number that isn't divisible by 5, or make the same joke twice.

With a temporary world event, though, we can play a little faster and looser, because once it's over it's over, and the whole point of it is that it's something weird and novel and disconnected from the rest of the game. If we need a number for something, we can just pull it out of our butts instead of consulting a giant spreadsheet. Since we tend to run events by the seats of our pants anyway, we figured why not let people watch while we do it.

So come join us, and get a taste of what KoL's development looks like on the backend. The backend of the seats of our pants, where the things we pull out of our butts come from. Experience the joy of fighting a monster who doesn't yet have item drops or art or messages for when it hits you. Thrill as you repeatedly click an item until we finish making it usable, at which point it probably generates a weird error message or deletes one of your other items or something. Express your complete lack of surprise as we reveal the dark truth behind KoL -- that we have no idea what we are doing as game developers, but boy do we have fun while we do it.

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