The Kingdom of Loathing
An Adventurer is You!
NS13 Preview!
In a couple of months, we'll be bringing the next big thing to the Kingdom of Loathing, and that thing is NS13!

With NS13, we'll be making tremendous improvements to the KoL's balance and pacing. But that's not important right now. What's important is that NS13 will also bring with it a ton of new content and interface improvements!

Check out the screenshots below for an awesome preview of things to come:

New Adventures, New Monsters, New Item Drops!

Adventure Results:
Knob Goblin Assistance

You lead the Knob Goblin Bean Planter to the spot where you buried the enchanted bean, and he inspects the tiny sprout.

"Ah, I see. You got that bean from the Bat Hole, didn't you? It's a tall and hardy variety, but it takes a long time to mature. Come back in, oh, exactly 16,072 adventures."

You're fighting a Ninja Snowman Mystic

You hit him for 102 damage. BOOF! BOOF! SOCKO! KAPOW! BIFF! BAM! WHAM! WHAM! ZAP! WHACK!

You win the fight!

You acquire an item: Tome of Snowcone Summoning

You gain 4 Beefiness.
You gain 14 Magicalness.
You gain 6 Cheek.

You're fighting another Enraged Cow

As you reach the twelfth landing, panting and out of breath, you encounter another fearsome Enraged Cow. What is that, like the sixth one? Dang, man.

You get the jump on her.

You're fighting a rogue Disco Bandit

You fail to hit the monster.

The rogue Disco Bandit busts a move, and your chops, simultaneously. As you stagger in pain, she deftly picks your pocket with an audible "Yoink!"

You lose an item: incredibly dense meat gem

Old Monsters Learn New Tricks!

You're fighting The Bonerdagon

As you enter the Haert of the Cyrpt, you hear a squawking roar, followed by a roaring squawk. This huge creature rises from a pile of bones, flaps its wings, and advances toward you.

It gets the jump on you.

The Bonerdagon emits a piercing, high-pitched wail! Your weapon shatters into a million tiny fragments! And so does all of your armor!

Improved Autosell Interface!

You sell your valuable trinket, batblade, red balloon, ridiculously huge sword, asshat, scrumptious reagent, black lotus, and giant needle to a cycling minstrel for 825 Meat.
Sell Stuff:
With selected:
Sell All
Sell All But One
Sell All But Two
Sell All But Six
Sell Six or All But One, Whichever is Lowest
Sell quantity:

New Council Quests!

Council of Loathing

You are 99.76% finished with making us a pizza with one of everything, Adventurer. We still require a Metallic A, a Knob Goblin Elite helm, a strawberry, a tiny plastic sword, a bum cheek, a stuffed scary death orb, a poultrygeist, and a crazy bastard sword.

Council of Loathing

Congratulations on all your fine work thus far, adventurer! We have but one more task for you, before you will be ready to face the Naughty Sorceress.

Your task is this: bring us twelve million meat. Oh, and that pizza you made us, with one of everything? Yeah, we'd like another one of those, too.

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