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KoLCon 3-D!
The Turkey of the Jungle once again commands that the Kingdom of Loathing throw an official meet-up! That's right: it's time for KoL Con 3-D (it's coming right for us)!

The event will take place over Friday and Saturday (and somewhat on Sunday) of September 15-17th, 2006.

Friday night we'll be meeting at Gameworks at the Arizona Mills mall in Tempe, Arizona. Those who pre-register will get free food and soft drinks there, and everyone will get to buy all of the video-gaming and boozing fun they desire. Mr. Skullhead has retired from his illustrious Dance Dance Revolution career, but both he and Jick are open to Guitar Hero challenges.

Saturday afternoon, we'll be hosting a barbecue (catered by Sam & Dave's) at the Kiwanis Park in Tempe. Pre-registration guarantees that you'll get food if we run out -- which shouldn't happen, but we're just saying -- and we'll provide soda for all and beer for those over 21. We're still working up the list of activities and games and whatnot that we'll be making available, but at the very least, we suggest frisbee-tossing, watergun-shooting, game-playing, and general roughhousing. There is a possibility of live music; we're still working on that.

Saturday night there will be a costume party at a house rented solely for that purpose, the location of which we have yet to finalize. Trust us, we'll let you know. That party will reach a climax, undoubtedly, during a costume contest, the winners of which are sure to make off with some groovy schwag.

Sunday morning -- which is more likely to be Sunday afternoon, if you've been properly partying -- we won't have any formal events planned. However, there will still be a ton of people in town, and there are bound to be several informal breakfasts, lunches, brunches, linners, drunches, and dinners going on.

Temperatures will be in the balmy upper 90s for Saturday, so be sure to dress inappropriately. Er, inappropriately for a blizzard, but appropriately for hotness. We're going to have several outdoor swamp coolers -- despite what Dad thinks, we are trying to cool the whole outdoors -- but please leave your parka at home.

Hope you can join us, and we hope we can join you.

Wait, we know we can join you.

Unless you don't come. Then we can't. See what you made me do?

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