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KoL Con II
Okay, everybody, welcome to the temporary official announcement page for KoLCon II, tentatively titled "The Wrath of Con," because if there's one thing we here at Asymmetric Publications lack, it's originality.

Let's structure this like a FAQ, shall we?

Q: What's KoLCon II?
A: It's the second official Kingdom of Loathing gathering, which will take place THIS WEEKEND (!), in and around Tempe, AZ (which is, itself, in and around Phoenix, AZ.)

Q: I didn't know about the first one. Was it fun?
A: Yes. It was small, but so was the game, back then. It was awesome, but so was the game, back then. Read all about it here.

Q: Is this one gonna be fun?
A: Heck yeah, good golly yes sir it is.

Q: Seriously?
A: Yes. These gatherings are ALWAYS fun. And this one is shaping up to be huge.

Q: What's goin' down?
A: Tons of stuff! Here's the basic schedule:

Friday, September 23
  • 7 PM: Party at Gameworks. We'll provide snacks and soft drinks for people who have purchased a Registration Packet, and we'll have a central room to socialize. (Look/ask for the "Asymmetric Publications" party if you can't find us.) People should bring moolah (Gameworks will not, apparently, accept payment in meat) to pay for games, dinner, and booze (if you're 21+). We'll likely stick around as long as it continues to be fun, probably until at least 11 PM or so (they close at 1 AM).
    If you purchased a Registration Packet after the point at which we stopped mailing them, you can pick it up at Gameworks or at the Saturday BBQ.

Saturday, September 24

  • 11 AM to 7 PM: BBQ at Kiwanis Park. OMGWTFBBQ!?! We'll provide free food (primarily meaty -- vegetarians may want to bring things to grill and we'll hook you up with fire) and drinks (water, soda, and beer for those 21+). Feel free to bring any "outdoor fun" you want. There are volleyball courts and open spaces aplenty nearby, and we'll have some toys to play with, but bringing a blanket for laying-upon-the-grass might be nice. Oh! And we will have a mariachi band for a couple of hours later in the afternoon!

    Since we are going to be in a public park, there are a number of rules that we'll need to abide by. Seriously.

    • Bring your ID if you want to drink alcohol. We have to use wristbands to differentiate boozetefarians from teetotalers, which you'll have to keep on for the duration of the event. Sorry about this -- the City of Tempe will totally pwnz0r us otherwise.
    • Glassware is NOT allowed in the park. We'll have some KoL merchandise available at a special discount rate, but if you buy any pint or shot glasses, you'll have to keep them wrapped up until you leave the park.
    • If you bring your own non-glass-enclosed alcohol, we have to check it in when you arrive. Don't worry, though, we'll get it back to you.
    • No illegal activities, and we aren't liable for any injuries, so play it safe, or at least safe-esque.

  • 7 PM: Various "Afterhours Parties." We're thinking that we'll split up and head out for karaoke, general debauchery, etc. We'll announce locations at the BBQ before everything winds down.

Sunday, September 25

  • 11 AM to 4 PMish: LARP at Candlewood Suites. LARP usually stands for "Live Action Role Playing," but in this case it stands for LARP. In order to play in the LARP, you need to have purchased a ticket (no longer available for sale -- the LARP is full). If you didn't get your ticket mailed to you, pick it and extra info up at Gameworks on Friday or the BBQ on Saturday. Wearing as much KoL costumery as possible is a good plan, and we'll likely give a reward for the best costume. The full details of how to play in the LARP will be explained at the beginning of the event (don't be late!).

    The official LARP rules page can be found here.

Q: What should we do about plane/hotel reservations?
A: Hopefully, you should already have arranged all this if you're planning on coming. You should fly into Phoenix. There's only one airport, so whichever airport you pick will be the correct one. For a hotel room, we're recommending Candlewood Suites on Baseline -- it's close to everything (everything being the airport and the park, and according to their website, the brand new IKEA! Huzzah!) and the rooms are around 50 bucks a night. (Though we've gotten word that Candlewood Suites is booked up -- picking something else nearby would be a good plan if you can.)

If you guys want to arrange to share rooms, rides, etc., the best place to do so is probably this forum thread.

Q: What's the weather gonna be like?
A: Hot. Seriously.

Q: OMG! This weekend is coming up SOON!
A: Yeah, tell us about it. Also, that wasn't a question. In any case, we hope to see each and every one of you real soon!

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